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is a CPA platform using which you can have a sustainable income on the Internet.
Right now we have more than 42000 affiliates from all over the world.
We help them grow and increase their income.












affiliates from all over the world

Here is how

these all works in details


Affiliate has traffic that he wants to monetise and earn money.


AdCombo offers a platform where they can meet and be confident that they will both have success.


Advertiser has an offer (in case of COD this offer is a real product, it could be a moisturising cream, weight loss product) he needs to sell.

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A quick guide on

how to start earning with AdCombo?

First step

Become a publisher

Firstly you need to sign up as a Publisher.

Sign up
Second step

Contact your AM

After signing up your personal Affiliate Manager (AM) will contact you soon.

useful tip

In order to get activated quickly, the best is to tell your AM as much information about your previous experience as possible. For example, type of offers you are interested in, traffic sources that you usually use (Do you use Facebook? Are you a Google Ads expert? Prefer native ads?)

Are you a website owner? The more info about yourself you give, the higher chances you’ll get approved really quickly and receive the most suitable offers for your traffic.

Newbie? Don’t worry, we are newbie friendly. Still, you should have a basic knowledge about affiliate marketing. You can read our blog (link to learn and get motivated.

Third step

Choosing a vertical

Choosing a vertical and the offer you wish to promote.
Right now there are MORE than 4300 active offers in our system.

Our hottest СOD verticales:
Health, Beauty, Diet, Adult, Ecommerce

We also have:
Sweepstakes, Mobile, BizOp, Dating, PIN submit offers.

Have a look FAQ
What is Cash-on-Delivery (COD)?

Cash-on-Delivery model which works the following way:

  • Step 1:

    A potential customer makes an order via two-field landing page entering only the name and the phone number.

  • Step 2:

    A local call-center reaches the customer within 1 or 2 hours.

  • Step 3:

    The customer confirms the order by phone and you get your money on your account.

Why is COD so popular in different countries equals more leads for you?

Paying by card over the internet is still a taboo in many countries. People prefer to pay after seeing a product, they will be glad to see that they don’t need to enter payment details.

Do I need to wait until product is delivered to the customer?

No, you will get paid for confirmed lead, which happens when the customer agrees to get the product deliver and leaves his delivery details to call-centre operator.

Why do affiliates get so much leads with COD?

The trick is in the short form. The visitor on your landing page doesn’t need to fill in a long form, leave his/her address, bank card or any other private details. He just needs to enter his name and phone number.

Forth step

Preparation work

Choose GEO for the offer

We cover almost all countries. There are even some exclusive countries with little competition. Ask your Affiliate Manager for more information.

Choosing landing page, prelandings and widgets

The cool part here is that our designers have everything prepared for you. Just select a creative material you want to use and you are set.

Fifth step

Running a campaign

AdCombo accepts any type of traffic (Display/Banner, In App, Social Media, Search/SEO, Contextual, Mobile, Pop Traffic, Push traffic, E-mail, PPC/PPV, Adult ). There should be no problems with that.

But what is the best COD + traffic combination?

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native ads, Push traffic, different adult traffic Networks.

Six step

Getting your payment

Get paid twice a week. Minimum amount for payment is only $50. (PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Tipalti, Epayments, WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer systems)


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