рost-quarantine perks
by AdCombo

Europe is coming back to life!
Why are we happy with the sales numbers?
  1. After two months of self-isolation our Health & Beauty goods now are in even greater demand than before. These goods are counted to be essential as well as food and medicine. No one is eligible to ban these categories from being sold and delivered to the customer.
  2. We still use contactless payment and delivery options for all online orders. In case a client has no credit card to pay online, the final price is rounded so that a client has no need to wait for change after paying in cash. Thus, all cash transactions are minimized.
  3. Our couriers are obliged to change their gloves and masks every 2 hours . We are fully aware of the importance of precautionary measures until the pandemic is over.
  4. We introduced an informational widget about safety measures for the landings. To try it just check the box in your campaign settings.
It’s time to drive traffic
with Adcombo!

Traffic gets cheaper all over the world . CPC dropped significantly as major players are leaving the market because of the crisis. But people are spending considerably more time and money online , and demand for essential goods (food, medicine, cosmetics, dietary supplements, health products etc.) is increasing day by day .

Traffic is rising along with demand: by various estimates European and USA traffic has grown from 30 to 50% peeking up to 70%. Facebook traffic shows about 30% increase, Youtube traffic has made at least a 15% growth.

Right now you can make a significantly larger profit with COD-offers than before .

Catch your chance ! While others are going bankrupt or staying idle, AdCombo gives you a substantial opportunity to make big bucks in a short term.

By the way,
we’ve got a delicious fresh offer!
Welcome our new designer offer:
organic weight loss drops Harmonica Linea.

Harmonica Linea is the result of thorough research & development combined with ADCOMBO’s market experience in the field of Health & Beauty.
Why is it destined to become your favorite offer? It’s pretty clear. It’s a dietary supplement with a whole bunch of profitable marketing features: a powerful vitamin complex, energy boost, immune support and age-old exotic traditions of wellness. Moreover, a convenient form of liquid drops and a mighty mix of superfood ingredients will have your conversion rate skyrocket .

Try it
High order approval rate is guaranteed: Most people stay at home . They pick up the phone faster and confirm their orders more willingly.

Harmonica Linea’s brand is being actively promoted . There are localized branded social media pages for each GEO: Harmonica is currently buzzing on Instagram, Facebook, and Medium. Moreover, local top influencers are actively promoting the product on their pages!

There’re already several successful creative pairs available for each GEO. Be the early bird to bank the profit!

We provide trusted partners with payout bumps. Just contact your personal manager for details! .

Yet not convinced?
Read bloggers’ reviews
on Harmonica Linea:
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Our affiliate managers are in touch 24/7 as usual, working from home to make your experience with ADCOMBO even better.

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